Wednesday, November 24, 2010

Just one week...

Hi Everyone,
Sorry, been out of the office for just one week and how the world has changed! Actually, been a bit all over the place. Been a little hooked on a series I was introduced to called 'Breaking Bad'. Finding quiet intriguing.

In other news....been a little slow these days on the art front got a lot going on in other area's so sorry about that.
Been catching up on this IMF situation too, as its all relevant to my work. What a sticky situation the government are in.......idiots. Really, it didn't need to be this bad. There is really no avoiding the conversation at the moment. But what I find most amusing is the fact that this was inevitable and also, isn't this the whole reason why Ireland is involved in the EU in the first place?? It think the general public really don't understand what is happening at the moment and what they have contributed to the mess, after all its easy point a finger in hind sight. As well, very little is being done in the way of curing the ignorant.
In saying this though, the cowboys in the Dail are by no means innocent. Total reform is needed there I think, particularly if this country of ours is not to look like an international laughing stock again. Especially the clown at the helm.....

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