Saturday, October 1, 2011

'Heroes & Villains' Group Show

Have become a late addition to this show, will have more posts coming.......promise.


Group Show at Limerick Printmakers Studio & Gallery

Submitted on September 30, 2011 – 11:52 am
‘Heroes and Villains’
28 September – 23 October 2011
Limerick Printmakers Studio and Gallery are delighted to announce ‘Heroes and Villains’, a group show involving 8 artists, 10 days, 32’ x 4’ of wood, some beer, ink, a vague theme and a garden roller, all on the new premises of Limerick Printmakers Studio and Gallery, 5a Sarsfield Street, Limerick. This project formally reopens our studio space in our new premises. Following the excitement expressed by the public on culture night, at seeing the process of print in action, this project is another unique opportunity to engage with a group of artists and watch their prints develop through various stages, from the initial drawing stage to the cutting, and finally the inking and printing of the woodcut.
The artists arrive on Wednesday 28th September and start working on initial idea development and drawing. Over the course of the following 10 days these ideas and drawings will be transformed into woodcuts which is one of the oldest forms of printmaking, and then printed at the big street print on Sunday 9 October at 2pm. All are welcome to this event. This will be the culmination of 10 days work and the prints will be placed side by side with the woodcuts on exhibition in Limerick Printmakers Studio and Gallery until 23 October. Woodcut is a relief form of printmaking, the image is made by carving an image into the surface of the wood. Removing areas that are to be white, the block is then inked and printed onto paper. As these will be large scale prints and too big for normal studio printing, the wood block will then be taken to the street outside where it will be inked and printed onto paper.
The artists taking part in this project are Claire Byrne, Gary Dempsey, Pamela Dunne, Richie Hanafin, Owen Kelleher, Des McMahon, Derek O’ Sullivan and Dave Whelan. The uniqueness of this project lies in that the artists will do all of this in the public eye in Limerick Printmakers Gallery which will be open to the public for the duration of project. This project is designed to break down the barriers between the studio, the gallery, and the public by taking the process out onto the streets for everyone to engage with. This is sure to be an exciting project and all are welcome to see the artists at work whether to ask questions, observe, engage or to just enjoy the relaxed and easygoing atmosphere.